michelle (idlepabulum) wrote,

fic: Ridiculosity; NC-17; 2/?

Title: Ridiculosity (2/?)
Fandom: Team Fortress 2
Pairing/Characters: Scout/Engie
Rating: NC-17 (language, masturbation, light bondage, blow jobs -- they're pretty dirty in this part)
Summary: Scout really doesn't understand how Engineer's brain works.
Word Count: 6857
Disclaimer: these characters are not mine, nor do I claim them as such.
Author's Notes: This part is a bit longer (and kinkier) than the first part. I don't think that's a bad thing!
Also, I really have no idea how many parts there will be, but probably upwards of... five? Maybe? I'm really not sure!
This part was also beta'd by the wondrous and splendid lefto !

Fucking Engineers and their fucking hands and their fucking Southern accents. Scout stomped back towards the battlefield from the Respawn Room for what was probably the fifth time today (Scout made a point to not keep track of the exact number). Stupid Engineers. Nothing had changed really, Engineer still talked to him and told him stupid stories about cows and tractors, but he kind of made a point to keep a foot of distance between them at all times. Like Scout was going to jump him or something. And he stopped smiling. Scout hadn't even realized that Engineer smiled at him before but now that he'd stopped it was like something was missing, the distance between them seemed so fucking huge and so fucking unfair. Fucking Engineers.

It wasn't like it was Scout's fault anyways, when you thought about it. It was all Stupid Engineer's fault with his stupid angry face that wasn't really scary, just kind of sexy in an infuriating way. It wasn't Scout's fault that Engie was so much fun to provoke. Okay, maybe Scout had kissed Engie first but Engineer could have easily stopped him, it wasn't like Scout was built like fucking Heavy or something, he's pretty light actually. He knows he's not fat and he knows it's all Engie's fault that that stupid thing happened at all, Engie and his stupid big hands and his stupid goggles and stupid, stupid, stupid.

But then, if it was all Engie's fault (and Scout was sure it was), why did Scout feel like he was the one being punished? He wasn't even, because the only things that were different were stupid friendly touches and friendly smiles that Scout had never even noticed before. And if missing a stupid smile was a punishment, Scout seriously needed to reconsider his priorities.

The whole thing had Scout distracted, and it wasn't just that now every time he looked at Engineer he remembered that he was probably going commando and Scout could still feel that hand on his dick, big and strong and calloused. It wasn't just the bizarre urge Scout had to kiss Engineer all the time that had him distracted, he also might have been worried about his performance and why Engie was giving him the not-quite-cold-shoulder. And then just the fact that Scout was concerned about the future of a friendship had him pissed off, because he was supposed to be too cool for that sort of thing. Engie should be concerned about whether or not Scout wanted to stay friends, not vice versa. Stupid Hardhat and his stupid goggles and his stupid wrench and his stupid hands and Christ Almighty, Scout wanted so badly to stop thinking about this.

Then he ran into the stupid BLU Heavy and the total nothing while waiting for respawn was a welcome change.

Scout decided somewhere between the sixth and eighth respawn that he was going to talk to Engineer, hear the news straight from the horse's mouth. Scout cursed out loud when he realized that he'd just used one of Engie's stupid phrases.

“Engineer!” Scout said, making his voice loud and obnoxious on purpose. He sauntered through the door into Engineer's workshop, and it was easy to plaster on his usual cocky grin. Engineer jumped a little at the sudden intrusion, his head snapping around to stare at Scout. He'd been hunched over his desk with a tiny screwdriver in one hand, some miniature component laying open and gutted in front of him. Scout had the vague urge to ask what it was, but he suppressed it. He knew he didn't really care, he knew the only reason he wanted to ask was to see that stupid look on Engineer's face, and he knew that was what had gotten him in this situation in the first place.

“Scout?” Engineer asked, like he hadn't been expecting to see Scout at all, ever. He still had his goggles down over his eyes but his stupid yellow hardhat was sitting on the desk next to him. Scout's grin faltered a little in the silence; suddenly Scout realized that he had no idea what to say to Engineer. Engineer raised his eyebrows and reached up to move his goggles to his forehead, giving Scout this look that made him feel like he was ten, standing in front of his gym teacher and explaining why he had cracked Johnny in the back of the head with his bat.

“Did you... want somethin'?” Engineer asked all innocent, like he didn't even remember sticking his hands down Scout's pants. That stupid Southern drawl should be way more hilarious and way less sexy. Scout dropped his grin altogether and frowned, squinting at Engineer a little because yeah, yeah he did want somethin' and it definitely didn't have a goddamn thing to do with Engineer's mechanical expertise. The look Engie gave him then was kind of satisfying and kind of infuriating, because Engineer had the gall to blush and clear his throat and look away. Scout couldn't understand how this man could go from threatening-and-choking-you-with-his-wrench to blushing-and-embarrassed-about-fucking-everything. It didn't make sense.

Scout walked over to Engineer, watching the man turn back to his desk, watching his shoulders square and his neck tense with every step. It was satisfying to have that effect on somebody. He stopped just behind Engineer's chair, considering for a moment before putting his hands on the back of Engie's chair and leaning over his shoulder.

“Yeah, I want somethin',” Scout said, low and almost-teasing right in Engie's ear. Engineer shivered at that, he actually shivered and set down his tiny screwdriver carefully.

“Scout,” Engineer started and Scout rolled his eyes at how serious he sounded. Stupid Engineers and their stupid taking-everything-seriously. Scout made a snap decision, running on instinct as he turned his head towards Engie, breathing out against his ear.

“I been thinkin' about your hands,” Scout said, still low but not teasing anymore. As if to illustrate his point he moved his hands from the back of Engineer's chair and slid them up over his shoulders, following the line of his overalls. He trailed his mouth down Engineer's neck, just barely touching, knowing that Engie could feel his breath ghosting over the sensitive skin. Engineer tilted his head away a little, giving Scout more access, and Scout thought it might have been a subconscious movement but he grinned anyways. He knew he had Engie eating out of the palm of his hand.

“Scout,” Engineer repeated and he seemed to like doing that, repeating Scout's name and pretending to put up a fight. Like he didn't want Scout so bad it hurts, ha, don't be ridiculous.

“What? More?” Scout suggested, unable to suppress his grin as he completely ignored the warning in Engineer's voice. He complied with his own suggestion, pressing his open mouth against Engie's neck and using liberal amounts of tongue to drive his point home.

Somehow, Scout's ministrations had the opposite of the intended effect. Engineer gasped softly at first, but then he jerked sideways and away from Scout's mouth. He swiveled around in his chair and threw Scout off balance, the boy stumbling in an ungraceful sort of way. Scout knew that if he wasn't so quick he would be on the floor, and instead he was half-bent over Engineer's lap, gripping the man's knees with his mouth still open. Engineer was just short of glaring at him, except his cheeks were stained red and there was spit glistening on his neck. Scout snapped his mouth shut and glared back as rejection curled in his gut.

“No, Scout,” Engineer was scolding him and it seemed like there was almost a bad dog tacked onto the end of his words. Scout just glared harder, his fingers tensing on Engineer's knees because he'd thought he had him.

“You can't just...” Engie started and stopped, sighing and putting up a hand to pinch the bridge of his nose. When he brought his hand back down there was a smudge of grease on his nose but Scout didn't mention it.

“We can't just screw around whenever you feel like it, Scout. Life don't work like that. This is our job, in case you forgot. If we got caught we could both be fired,” Engineer crossed his arms over his chest and shifted his legs to dislodge Scout's hands. Scout stood up straight, mimicking Engie's stance and crossing his arms over his chest.

“You weren't so worried about getting caught a few days ago,” Scout protested, frowning and stifling a churning, angry hurt in his stomach. Why was Engineer suddenly so adverse to the idea? He seemed to have enjoyed it well enough a few days ago, in fact Scout could still perfectly imagine the look on his face when he came.

Engie thought about that for a moment, his blush flaring up again, “That was— A lapse in judgment. It won't happen again.” Engineer said, and the finality in his voice made something clench in Scout's chest. Scout shifted his weight from foot to foot, finding his usual cocky attitude out of reach.

“Right. Well. Whatever, man.” Scout said finally, growing angry because Engineer was actually turning him down, and that was actually making Scout feel kind of uncomfortable, which only succeeded in making him more angry and he really wished he hadn't left his bat in his locker.

“It's not like it matters anyways, I didn't really want you that bad.”

Something changed in Engineer's face and a bit of that determination went away, and yeah, that was more like it. Scout smiled a little, gaining back his control of the situation and his confidence.

“What, you didn't think you were, like, my first or something, did you? Please,” Scout snorted and looked away, feigning nonchalance even though he really wanted to watch the same rejection form on Engie's face.

“Don't worry about it, man,” Scout said, grinning graciously and tilting his hat toward Engineer. The slightly shocked, disgruntled look on Engie's face was really satisfying and Scout's grin turned genuine.

“Scout—” Engineer started to protest but Scout just shrugged, still grinning his cocky grin, and turned and sauntered away. He stopped in the doorway as he remembered something, turning back and loving how the shock was still plain on Engineer's face.

“Oh, you got grease here.” he tapped his nose where the grease had smudged onto Engie's nose and threw him another grin (for good measure) before turning away again. He thought he might have heard Engineer call out to him again but Scout pretended not to hear, getting away as fast as he could manage while still sauntering.

Stupid Engineers and their stupid morals and the stupid REDs and why didn't he just carry his bat around all the time so he could whack Stupid Engineers over the head when they gave him hand jobs and then decided they were too good for him? Scout had to stop himself from stomping through the halls.


Scout managed to keep himself busy for a good four or five hours, first by playing rummy with Sniper and Pyro (Pyro won) and then by antagonizing (and being antagonized by) Spy. It was only when he had thoroughly exhausted everyone else's patience that he found himself heading towards Engineer's bunk. Part of him wanted to waltz in and pretend like the argument earlier hadn't happened, pretend Engie hadn't dangled something delicious in front of Scout's face just to yank it away when Scout lunged for it. Another part wanted to waltz in there and make sure Engineer knew exactly what he was missing, and then there was always that violent part that wanted to grab his bat and run in and beat in Engie's skull. Scout was caught between the options and slowed to a stop right outside Engineer's room, staring blankly at the door. He frowned at the door for a long moment, struggling with the raging emotions that he wasn't used to dealing with. It was all so stupid and really queer, Scout hated caring so much about what someone thought about him, hated feeling so vulnerable. Scout grit his teeth, anger flaring up and that was an easy emotion that he could deal with.

He didn't need Engineer himself, didn't need the man, just needed the release he'd provided. It was just a means to an end, and seeing how Engie had provided something Scout had been aching for long before he joined up with RED, it was a logical one. It wasn't gay to like getting off, no matter whose hand (or whatever) it was doing the work. It was probably even just a good idea, blowing off steam and whatnot. When you were in constant combat you couldn't afford to be extra wound up and tense. You needed to have your wits about you. So it was just a good idea and Engineer was just getting too caught up in the details. He was sure the older man needed it just as much as he did.

So, his mind now made up, Scout strode into Engineer's room without knocking, his expression set with a grim determination.

“Engineer?” He really hadn't meant that to sound so unsure, he'd meant to sound demanding and stern, like if Engie didn't give him what he wanted, Scout would sure as hell take it. In the end, though, it didn't really matter how he said it because the room was empty.

Scout was standing in an empty room, doing his best to look like he meant business. When he noticed the lack of Engineer his shoulders sagged as his momentary bout of confidence deflated. He was probably still in his workshop, absorbed in whatever project he was on now with no idea that most of the other RED base residents were well on their way to sleep. He looked around the room and realized that he had never really looked at the room, he'd never actually paid attention to the things tacked up on the walls or the papers scattered across his desk or the books piled up in a corner. Scout decided that his mission could be postponed in favor of snooping around in Engie's belongings.

Most of it was pretty boring. All the books were about complicated math or physics or combustion engines or microchips or whatever other smart things Engie liked to read about. None of them had secret compartments with a bottle of bourbon or a stack of playboys or anything that was really interesting. The papers on his desk were mostly incomprehensible scribbles, sometimes with numbers and sometimes with little diagrams to go along with the notes. Mostly Scout couldn't make them out, and when he could they said things like “this could potentially reverse the side effects of long-term use” or “how many times will it cycle before it explodes?” or “may rip hole in space-time continuum—experimentation needed!” Scout was generally uninterested in the state of the space-time continuum, so the papers were labeled as boring.

There was one thing in the room that turned out to be mildly interesting, however. On the wall next to Engie's bed was a collage of sorts, with pictures and newspaper clippings and magazine ads and notes. The newspaper clippings were mostly boring, nothing about great baseball games or natural disasters, mostly things about Nobel prize winners (whatever that was) and science-y stuff. Boring. The pictures were mostly of people that Scout didn't recognize, presumably people Engie knew before he joined up with RED, and there were a few of a dusty-looking old farm with a single cow out in front of the porch. Scout was mildly surprised to find a picture of himself up there, next to the old farm. It wasn't just him, it was him and Engineer and a few other members of the team; (Scout was quick to dismiss their presence and focus on himself) Scout had his arms around Engie and Pyro both, giving the camera a pair of thumbs-up and an easy, content grin. Engineer looked slightly uncomfortable at being roughhoused with, but he was still smiling despite the unwanted attention. Scout smiled a little at that and ran his thumb over the picture, thinking briefly of all the times he'd made Engineer make that face, and then thinking about some other faces he'd made Engie make.

When he'd exhausted his options for snooping he threw himself back on Engineer's bed, putting his hands behind his head and staring up at the ceiling. He found his gaze drawn to the picture but he didn't move to get closer to it; just peered at it from where he laid. Then he found himself wondering. Wondering how many times Engineer had laid here and stared at his pictures, wondered if Engie had looked at it the night after they'd first fooled around. Had his easy grin caught the man by surprise, because he'd forgotten the photo was there? Did he think about everything he'd just done, everything he'd just felt and heard? Did he relive it all, standing there, thinking about Scout moaning and writhing while his big hands worked their magic? Scout soon found himself imagining it, imagining Engineer laying just where he was now, looking up at that picture at thinking about Scout, only Scout, Scout's mouth and Scout's body and Scout's dick.

Scout found himself reaching down to cup his burgeoning erection through his trousers just as the Engineer he was imagining did the same thing; when thinking became too much he would have to touch, have to start stroking himself. He'd go slow at first, still plagued by visions of Scout, maybe his own little fantasies, seeing Scout on his knees in front of him or having Scout beneath him, wrists tied and panting and writhing and pleading for more. Scout heard himself let out a long, shaking breath, his palm moving more insistently against the front of his trousers. He did need more.

Scout thought briefly (very briefly) about what he was doing; and what he was doing was jerking off in Engineer's bed. He knew he probably shouldn't be, what with it being kind of improper and how Engineer had made it perfectly clear that he wanted nothing to do with Scout, but Engie would likely be cooped up in his workshop for most of the night, and the prospect of leaving now for his own room (when he was already giving Engineer's room a standing ovation) was a daunting task. It only took a moment's deliberation for him to decide it wasn't worth the effort, and even if he was caught in the act, he had a feeling that Engineer wouldn't really mind so much.

He wasted no time (after his decision was made) in unzipping his pants and lifting his hips so he could slide his trousers and briefs down to his thighs. He then wrapped a hand around his erection, stroking himself slow and steady and tilting his head back into Engineer's pillows. He imagined Engie's hand replacing his own, stroking him hard and fast, looming over him and watching his face carefully, like Scout was one of his prototypes, he had to pay attention to every reaction so he could record it and study it. Fucking Engineer. Scout groaned, hips twitching up into his hand as he increased his rhythm. His free hand came up and pressed the back of his hand to his mouth in some kind of vain attempt at keeping quiet. He turned his head into Engie's pillow and let out another stifled groan, breathing deep and a smell that was singularly Engineer permeated his senses.

It was the strangled noise Engineer made, more than the door opening or the papers in his hands falling to the floor, that caught Scout's attention the most. It was somewhere between a shocked, disbelieving gasp and a wanton groan and it was one of the sexiest noises Scout had ever heard. Scout's hand stuttered over his length while his eyes flew open and met Engineer's. The older man was standing in the doorway, dumbstruck with his mouth hanging open. The room was silent as both of them went over their options. Scout knew he could either fumble to pull his pants up, pepper Engineer with apologies and hope he didn't tell anyone about what he saw, or keep stroking and moaning and finish what he'd started (and, if the dark color on Engie's cheeks was anything to go by, it probably wouldn't be long before he joined in). There wasn't really a choice, when Scout thought about it. He started moving his hand again, managing to spare Engineer a breathless, cocky grin.

“I'll be done in a— ah, a sec,” he explained, eyes fluttering closed and mouth falling open as he stroked harder. He panted a few times, for effect mostly, and then he heard Engineer make that shocked noise again a few seconds before the door closed with a quiet snick. Engineer was across the room and on him before Scout could open his eyes, climbing onto the bed and smacking Scout's hand away. Scout grinned triumphantly, because his plan had worked (even if it hadn't been his plan, really, it had still worked) and Engie was going to kiss him hard any second now.

Except he didn't. Engineer just grabbed Scout's wrists and pinned them above his head. Scout blinked in surprise, tugging halfheartedly at the hands that were keeping him in place, giving Engie a confused look. Engineer just glared down at him, eyes burning behind his goggles. Scout couldn't even shift his hips up against Engineer because the man's knees were planted soundly on either side of Scout's hips. Engineer seemed content to just glare for a long moment, and Scout just went on breathing hard, nothing about Engineer's presence or glare was doing anything to stifle Scout's arousal. In fact, he had to bite down on his bottom lip to keep from writhing.

“Scout,” Engineer said, and Scout's breath hitched at that, hearing Engineer saying his name in that damn sexy drawl, “What in tarnation do you think you're doing?” His voice was rich with anger and a little bit of exhilaration, and even though Engie had thrown in one of his stupid Southern phrases, it still made Scout groan.

“Well, I was masturbatin', but...” he trailed off, wiggling his fingers against Engineer's, somehow still managing to be cheeky while incredibly turned on. The anger went out of Engie a little and he just frowned down at Scout, giving him this appraising look that made Scout nervous, a little.

“You just can't take no for an answer, can you, kid?” Engineer smiled, glancing down Scout's body and Scout's grin was back. He arched his back up, trying to get some kind of friction for his sadly neglected cock.

“'S not in my vocabulary," Scout panted around a rough laugh, “C'mon, man, you gonna look or you gonna touch?” The look Engineer was giving him was starting to make Scout nervous, he had the vague feeling that Engie was planning something, something that would have Scout at his mercy. Engineer just gave him that appraising look, smiling distantly and Scout could have sworn he'd seen Spy making that same face when he was about to stab someone in the back.

“I think,” Engineer started slowly, his smirk growing and Scout's doubts with it, “It's about time somebody taught you a lesson.” Scout's breath caught in his throat at that, a little thrill of fear and excitement running up his spine. Scout shivered.

“'S-'scuse me?” Scout stammered, trying his best to sound demanding and intimidating but really only sounding kind of scared and pathetic. He had no idea what Engie meant by lesson but the gleam in his eye looked suspiciously sinister, and Scout really didn't like learning things, as a rule.

Engineer just looked down at Scout, as if he were figuring out some math problem, except it was some kind of evil mastermind math because of the way Engie was smirking. Then the older man released Scout's hands as if he hadn't just made some kind of evil threat, sitting back and pulling off his glove, hat and goggles and setting them aside neatly. He did the same with Scout's hat and headset (which had come off some time ago) and all the while Scout watched him carefully, wondering if the threat of teaching Scout something had just been some kind of weird Texan joke. Then Engie swooped in and kissed him hard, and Scout grunted because he hadn't really expected that, but if Engineer wanted to teach him the fine art of French kissing, that was a-okay with Scout.

He left his hands resting on the pillow above his head while Engie kissed him thoroughly, making little wanton noises into it that would hopefully encourage the Texan to finish what Scout had started. By the time Engineer's hands were smoothing down his sides and slipping beneath the hem of his t-shirt, Scout had forgotten there had been any kind of threat of teaching at all. Engineer pulled away from the kiss to tug Scout's shirt up over his head, and Scout whimpered at the loss of contact, though if pressed later he would deny it had happened. When the shirt was successfully discarded Engineer didn't go back to Scout's mouth but instead went to his neck, leaving Scout's mouth to run free.

“Christ, c'mon man, you're doing that on purpose aren't you? I need— Augh, I need something, c'mon, man! —Fuckin', fuckin' Christ.” Scout panted, protesting the distinct lack of contact on his erection, moving his hands down to grasp insistently at Engie's overalls, “It's not that I don't, y'know, appreciate the kissin'—ah—an' all, but I'm gettin' kinda— Fuck, kinda desperate here!” Scout's protests seemed to fall on deaf ears as Engineer just concentrated on kissing a line over Scout's collarbone and sucking a mark into the smooth, milky skin there. Then Engineer pulled back, and Scout thought finally, finally, only to get a face full of that goddamn smirk. Scout blinked, remembering Engie's threat, his mouth falling open in what had probably been a question at first. Scout was momentarily dumbstruck and Engineer took the opportunity to pin his hands above his head again with one hand, reaching around to his side with the other.

“Wh-what're you—” Scout started to ask but fell silent as he watched Engineer tug the extension cord from his belt. Scout's eyes were wide and he felt that thrill of fear and excitement again. This time the fear seemed to overshadow the excitement.

“C'mon, man, you're not really—” Scout was unable to finish his sentence again because Engineer sprung into action, looping the cord around Scout's wrists, “H-hey! What are you doing?” Scout realized the magnitude of Engineer's actions a little too late, trying to pull his arms free after Engineer had already knotted them together.

“Hey!” Scout cried, starting to struggle against Engineer's big hands, panic striking him because this wasn't the Engineer he was used to, this was the one that had tried to choke him with a wrench, this one wasn't embarrassed or modest, this one would teach Scout a lesson. Scout wished desperately that he wasn't so turned on by that. When Engineer pulled back to admire his handiwork Scout tilted his head back to look at his restraints. The yellow extension cord was looped tightly around each of his wrists and tied in a complicated knot around the bars of Engineer's head board. Chances of escape seemed slim. When Scout looked back at Engineer the man was still smirking and Scout could only swallow and stare.

Scout hated feeling this helpless and vulnerable, he was at Engineer's mercy and it was equal parts stimulating and infuriating. He yanked his arms helplessly against the cord, and the plastic casing pulled and chafed against his skin. Extension cord was not the most ideal of ropes. Engineer leaned down and Scout wanted to scramble away but with his arms above his head and Engineer sitting on his thighs, he was immobile. Engineer reached up to cup Scout's face gently, and Scout almost winced because he'd thought Engie was going to hit him or something.

“Don't worry, boy, I won't hurt ya.” That made Scout's breath catch in the back of his throat, and he wasn't sure if it was because of the drawl or because of how thoroughly unsettling those words were. Engineer leaned back and smiled like he'd fixed everything, leaving his hand on Scout's face but letting it trail idly down to his neck. He looked down at Scout's body carefully, and Scout shifted a little, uncomfortable in the scrutiny.

“Come on, man, you got me tied up and you're just gonna look?” Scout asked quietly, wiggling a little and trying to gain back some of his footing in the situation. Engineer looked up at Scout's face sharply, raising an eyebrow at him. That smirk spread slowly over his face and Scout had to clench his muscles to hold back a shiver.

“Wish I had something for a blindfold...” Engie mused, casting a glance around the room, “Or, actually, a gag would be better.” His gaze darted back to Scout and there was something mischievous in his eye but no, no way, that was going too far.

“No way, man! You got away with my hands but there's no way in hell I'm letting you gag me!” Scout thrashed around a little in his adamance, tugging hard at his wrists and wincing when the cord pinched his skin too tight. Engineer put one of his big hands on Scout's chest and hushed him, and Scout actually fell quiet, the warm press of Engineer's hand was more comforting than it should have been.

“Relax, Scout. I ain't gonna hog-tie ya,” Engineer said like Scout was the stupid one for thinking that, and Scout struggled halfheartedly for another moment before he stopped because Engie ran both of his hands down Scout's body. He was experimenting, studying, feeling, and Scout felt sort of like a lab rat but— Well, Engie's hands were still on him, so it was a mild success. He watched Scout's face carefully and ran the pads of his thumbs over the boy's nipples and Scout gasped. Scout let his head fall back and he arched his back into the touch; he'd been laying there for a long ten minutes with a hard-on and the only thing by way of satisfaction had been one kiss. He was desperate for contact but unwilling to ask for it, to sacrifice his dignity for pleasures of the flesh. Scout knew he had more stamina than that.

Engineer seemed to be pleased with the reaction and leaned down, sliding his hands down to Scout's waist and using his mouth instead. He still made a point to keep his lower body away from Scout's, but sloppy kisses across his chest were better than nothing. Scout groaned as Engineer trailed kisses over his clavicle and down his sternum, bucking his hips up in search of more contact.

Fuck, man, can't you— Fuck!” Yet another protest was cut off by a curse and a moan because Engie's mouth found a nipple and sucked and nibbled. Scout bucked his hips so violently that Engie had to dig his fingers into his skin and hold him down, but there wasn't really anything he could do about how Scout's arms struggled against the extension cord, making the head board rattle.

“Fuckfuckfuck, come on, c'mon just touch me please.” Scout squeezed his eyes shut and panted, desperate enough now to use the manners his mother had taught him once and he had long disregarded. Engineer looked up at that, eyebrows raised and looking pleased. Scout just glowered at him through dark, half-lidded eyes, he was so hard it hurt and he was so done with this stupid game.

“Patience is a virtue, boy.” Engineer said simply, returning his mouth to kissing a long, slow trail over the quivering muscles in Scout's belly. Scout let out a long, wounded noise that was equal parts frustration and outrage.

Fuck patience, man, just fucking touch me, please!” Scout wasn’t sure he could sink much lower, he'd said please twice in the same minute, and the worst part of it was that he didn't really care, didn't care that he was tied up and reduced to asking nicely as long as Engie fucking touched him soon. Engineer laughed (laughed!) at that, rumbling low in his chest as he sat up a little and shuffled back and Scout whined because Engie was right there but he still wouldn't touch.

“Well, ya did say please so nice...” Scout felt a rush of something like triumph at Engineer's words that quickly switched to mind-blowing pleasure when Engineer wrapped his hand (fuck, that hand) around Scout's erection and gave it an experimental tug. Scout was again floored by the intensity of the pleasure Engie inspired in him, like how he'd been floored when Engie first wrapped his hand around his dick. He hadn't been lying when he'd said he had done that sort of thing before— he also hadn't been lying when he said it just hadn't felt like this. Something about Engineer's hands and mouth and voice had Scout feeling things he hadn't quite felt before, or at least, if had felt them before, they hadn't been like this. Scout figured this must be what really good sex felt like.

Scout was so busy thrashing against his restraints and moaning that he almost missed Engineer's grumbled words as he stroked a few more times.

“Ya like that, don'tcha?” the words were low and dark, and Scout realized for the first time since Engineer had pinned him that being like this—tied up at his mercy—had an effect on Engie too. He would have liked to ponder on that for a little while longer, be able to focus enough to try and do something to amplify the effect he had on the older man– but suddenly Engineer turned unforgiving in his strokes and Scout could hardly remember to breath, let alone manipulate. Scout surrendered himself into the feeling of Engie's fist wrapped tight around his cock, throwing dignity to the wind because this felt so fucking good.

“Oh God, Oh Christ yeah, yeah, that's so good, thank you, fuck– fuckin'– Yeah, fuck!” Scout didn't pay attention to things that were pouring out of his mouth, hands clasping together above his head so he could grab something and he was so close, had been so close, he just needed a little bit—

Suddenly Engie's hand had stopped and the older man's weight settled over Scout again as he kissed Scout hard. Scout made another outraged noise into the kiss, tugging vainly at his wrists and bucking his hips up into Engineer's hand. The kiss was unrelenting and Scout did his best to curse vehemently into it but slowly he was kissed down from the edge, Engineer's hand moving up and down in sluggish, infuriating little motions. When Engie did finally pull away that smirk taunted Scout again and he glared back, eyes burning and skin flushing down to his shoulders. Engineer gave Scout a slightly apologetic tug and Scout leaned his head back and let out a long-suffering groan.

“Motherfucker,” Scout cursed with feeling, trying to relax the unrelenting tension that ran through his muscles. Engineer ran a hand down Scout's neck with a kind of gentleness that he hadn't exhibited before, again peppering sloppy kisses down Scout's body.

“You look so good like this,” Engie murmured against his skin and Scout blinked down at him, opening his mouth to ask him what, exactly, he'd meant by that but then Engineer was stroking him hard again and all he could manage was a groan. His head fell back and he winced, hoping desperately that this time Engineer actually meant to finish him off.

“You're fucking evil, you—ah—know that?” Scout asked, arching his back and panting as Engineer increased his pace. The only response he received was a low chuckle pressed against his navel, and Scout didn't even have time to question it before he felt breath ghosting over his cock. Scout's eyes flew open and he looked down just in time to watch Engineer lick a stripe up the underside of his cock. He let out a strangled whimper and could only stare back when Engie's eyes flickered up to meet Scout's gaze. Scout squeezed his eyes shut again when Engineer's lips wrapped around the head of his cock, letting out a keening noise before he started to babble again. Engineer hollowed out his cheeks and took in as much of Scout's length as he could manage comfortably, his free hand working over the parts his mouth couldn't reach.

“Please, pleasepleaseplease, I won't do it again just please, please let me come. Christ, please, pl— No!” Scout cried out when Engineer pulled his mouth and hand away for the second time, anger flashing bright in his eyes. But then Engineer was scrambling up Scout's body, the mischievous spark in his eye replaced with something smoldering and desperate. That look made Scout fall silent and in a moment Engineer was kissing him like it was his last meal, like he wouldn't survive without it. Scout whimpered when he felt Engineer's hard length slide against his, followed seconds later by one of Engineer's big hands wrapping around both of them and stroking in unison. It only took a few strokes and Scout was shuddering and whimpering and coming hard, arching his back and tensing every muscle as Engie stroked him through his orgasm. He stayed like that for a brief, tense moment before collapsing with a long, shaking breath.

As he came back down to Earth he realized Engineer was mumbling things against Scout's skin, spreading messy open-mouthed kisses against his neck.

“So fuckin' good, good boy, good boy,” the words were hushed and hot and desperate and something about them made Scout's heart clench. He wished he could reach down and help Engie finish but he couldn't, he wasn't sure if he'd been able to even if his wrists weren't tied to the head board. He settled instead for whispering dirty encouragements into Engineer's ear, closing his eyes and listening to the intoxicating timber of Engie's voice, his rasping breaths and letting the after-sensations wash over him and relax him.

Scout opened his eyes to watch Engineer come, his lower lip caught between his teeth and his eyes squeezed closed, shuddering and arching and Scout felt the warm stickiness spread over his abdomen. Engie collapsed over Scout with a groan when he was done, gasping in a few breaths like a fish. Scout couldn't help the breathless chuckle that bubbled out of him. Engie pulled back a little to meet Scout's gaze, frowning a little. Scout grinned at him.

“What?” Engineer asked, voice thick and tired.

“Well, it's just... I think I mighta forgotten the lesson. Think you could teach it again?” Engie snorted and shook his head, lacking enough energy to get annoyed at Scout's smartass comments, burying his head in Scout's shoulder with contented sigh instead. Scout grinned cheekily for a moment before he hesitated, shrugging his shoulder to get Engie's attention.

“If you're not gonna teach me again, can ya untie me?” he asked and Engie froze for a second, lifting his head and giving Scout an apologetic smile, “You weren't exactly, y'know, gentle...”

“Sorry 'bout that,” Engie apologized quietly, pulling himself up to struggle with the knot, pulling the cord loose just enough for Scout to get his arms free.

“I think I'll find some way to forgive you,” Scout said, lowering his arms and throwing a cheeky grin at Engie, rubbing feeling back into his abused wrists. Engie chuckled and sat up, reaching for his discarded overalls. Scout spared a moment or two to kick his pants the rest of the way off before grabbing Engineer by the back of his undershirt and tugging him back down to laying on the bed.

“Hey—!” Engie protested mildly while Scout snaked an arm around him and buried his head in the back on Engie's neck.

“Too soon for getting up,” Scout mumbled into the soft hairs at the back of Engineer's neck. He didn't care, in that moment, that cuddling was definitely pretty gay, surrendering instead to the softer sides of his personality that were demanding physical contact and sleep.

“I can't even put my pants on?” Engineer asked, but by the sleep tugging on his voice Scout figured it was only a halfhearted protest and he grinned.

“Don't need 'em. Just like, five minutes, I—” Scout interrupted himself with a yawn, “I promise.” Engie grunted in response and turned around to face Scout and pull a blanket up to cover them both.

“Five minutes,” Engie repeated but Scout barely heard him, curling his hands into Engineer's shirt and breathing deep and letting sex-induced exhaustion lull him to sleep.

Part 1 | Part 3

Tags: fandom: tf2, fic, pairing: scout/engie, rating: nc-17
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