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27th-May-2009 11:22 pm - His Lips(1/3); NC-17; Star Trek XI
Title: His Lips (1/3)
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Kirk/Bones
Rating: NC-17
Summary: written for the st_xi_kink  prompt "McCoy/Kirk; fucked without a kiss."
Word Count: 2464
Disclaimer: these characters are not mine, nor do I claim them as such.
Author's Notes: Er, yeah. My first actual attempt at writing ST slash, I think it came out pretty good.

Jim knew, before he'd even downed his first shot, he knew.Collapse )

27th-May-2009 06:04 pm - greetings.
Hey, this is pedokazooman 's writing journal, technically, I guess. But I haven't used my journal for anything but communities so I made this journal for that purpose. This is mostly for archiving my fanfiction.
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