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fic: Red Sky; PG-13; 1/1

Title: Red Sky (1/1)
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing/Characters: Sulu/Chekov; Scotty
Rating: PG-13 (fluff warning! also, physics concepts!)
Summary: Sulu and Chekov get stuck on a barren planet for a few hours and watch the red sky fade to black.
Word Count: 2206
Disclaimer: these characters are not mine, nor do I claim them as such.
Author's Notes: I wrote this at school last week, just got around to typing it up. The physics stuff may be BS'd a little bit, but whatever. I think it's been a while since I wrote fluff of this fluffiness. It was quite fun! Enjoy!

"Sulu to Enterprise. Sulu to Enterprise!" This was just getting ridiculous. The communicator only answered with static and Sulu growled, checking once again to verify that his communicator was working properly.

"Fuck." he swore, then winced and glanced at his companion, "I mean, er, frick..." he corrected lamely, and the other boy rolled his eyes.

"Is all right, Sulu. I know what 'fuck' means." Chekov said, not sounding annoyed at all. He smile was bemused and Sulu's was apologetic.

"Sorry. It's just... You know." Sulu said, blushing and raising his shoulders. Chekov's smile grew.

"Da, I know." Chekov looked up at the older man through his lashes, and Sulu choked a little a turned a few shades darker. After a silent(awkward, on Sulu's half) moment Chekov went back to fiddling with his tricorder, and Sulu looked away.

"Is the ship even up there?" Sulu asked finally, gaze toward the sky, which was a fantastic shade of red. It was a startling difference to the Earth's blue, almost like someone had just inverted the colors, like on a picture. It gave the white sand a reddish glow, and made everything(well, the planet was a barren wasteland, 'everything' was Chekov) slightly warm and pinkish in color.

"Da. No communications being sent or received, though." the Russian answered, looking up at Sulu and frowning. Sulu matched his frown, biting his lip and then looking back up at the sky, raising a hand to scratch at the back of his head.

"I guess we're stranded." he said with a sigh, plopping down dejectedly on one of the rocks. It was supposed to be a routine scouting mission, but Sulu was learning fast that "routine" on the Enterprise often involved chaos. The planet had read no life signs, nor any signs of anything at all, so Sulu and Chekov were supposed to beam down, verify that the planet was a rocky, barren wasteland, and beam back up in time for lunch. And now it was three hours later, with no communications to or from the Enterprise.

At least the climate was pleasant enough, the terrain was all white sand and black rocks and the air was cool and dry.

“Da.” Chekov agreed, mimicking Sulu’s sigh and settling down on the rock next to him. Sulu smiled to himself, forcing himself to look away from the adorable Russian.

The Enterprise had started their five-year-mission nearly two months ago, and ever since he and Chekov had sat down next to each other, they had been fast friends. Sulu had been doing his best to ignore Chekov’s innocent charms, but he had now learned that it was to no avail. There was no resisting falling for Pavel Andreievich Chekov.

Sulu had known he was gay since he was fifteen. There was a boy in his fencing class, a few years older, and a much more accomplished swordsman than he had been at the time. He was tall and blonde and strong and beautiful, and Sulu could still remember his breath catching when he’d watched the boy fight.

Hikaru was one of the best in his class, but the boy was the best, and he found himself purposefully disregarding his technique so he could stay after and get extra lessons from the tall blonde god of fencing. Once after their one-on-one lessons the boy had cornered Sulu and whispered in his ear. He said that he knew Sulu had been lying, he knew Sulu’s potential and he wasn’t living up to it, and that he shouldn’t sacrifice his strengths for physical wants. They’d kissed, and Sulu knew he never wanted to kiss a girl like that. He’d also taken the advice to heart and returned to fencing, pouring all the heart and soul he could muster into it. The boy had never talked about the kiss after that, and he graduated soon afterwards, so Sulu never saw him again. But the words still echoed in his head. He supposed that was why he had never shown Pavel any affection, because he wasn’t sure if he was sacrificing his strengths for physical needs. It sure didn’t feel like it here, with Chekov’s thigh barely close enough to touch but close enough that Sulu could feel his warmth. Sulu didn’t realize he had zoned out and was staring blankly at Chekov until the Russian spoke.

“Hikaru… Is okay I call you Hikaru?” Chekov asked, looking over at Sulu with the most endearing, hopeful expression. Sulu chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Technically, we’re still on duty, but I don’t think the rocks will tell if we break a few rules.” Hikaru was glad Chekov didn’t pick up on the possible come-on there, “Pavel.” he added as an afterthought, ducking his head and giving the Russian an indulgent smile. Chekov grinned and nodded, chuckling slightly(it may have even been a giggle). They both turned back to the horizon smiling, content to watch this sun start to set. There was no doubt in Sulu’s mind that whatever was wrong aboard the Enterprise would be fixed soon. It had only been two months, but Sulu had complete confidence in his captain.

Instead of the soft pastel pinks and reds and oranges of Earth sunsets, this one was a magnificent painting of yellows and greens, streaking across the sky in what Sulu imagined as the Earth and Sun colliding and mixing. The white sand that was pink before now took a yellow-green hue and seemed to sparkle and glow, as if every grain had decided to jump up and dance around.

“Beautiful.” Hikaru breathed without really meaning to, gaining the attention of the Russian beside him.

“Da.” Chekov agreed quietly, but he kept his eyes on the pilot. They looked at each other for a moment, Sulu’s eyes wide and awed from the beautiful sight before him, and the way the green reflected on Chekov’s blue eyes only enhanced the awing atmosphere.

“Is hydrogen.” Pavel said suddenly, and Sulu blinked and frowned in confusion.

“Pardon?” Hikaru asked, quirking an eyebrow in confused bemusement.

“The atmosphere here.” Pavel clarified, making a wide circular gesture with his hands. When Sulu didn’t look any more enlightened he went on.

“On Earth, atmosphere is 70% nitrogen. Nitrogen scatters blue light, so sky is blue. At sunset, light comes from farther away,” he leaned into Hikaru and pointed to the horizon, “More light is scattered, less gets to your eye, so you see orange. Here, atmosphere is 60% hydrogen. Hydrogen scatters red light, so sky is red, and sunset is green. Da?” Chekov’s expression was so intent and hopeful, Sulu couldn’t help but smile. He felt slightly awkward in the shadow of the boy genius, and he felt as if their spots had been switched and he was the naïve seventeen-year-old and Chekov was the older twenty-one-year-old.

“And the rocks,” Chekov continued, knocking his knuckles on the rock below them, “Are actually crystals. The wind erodes them and creates the sand, and at this angle the light shines through them and makes them green.” Chekov grinned, and from another person he may have sounded like a know-it-all, but the earnest innocence in his grin only made him more endearing. Sulu couldn’t help but return the grin bashfully.

“Smartass.” Hikaru teased lightly, grin still pulling on his lips and he leaned over to nudge Chekov affectionately. Pavel laughed again, ducking his head and shoving Sulu back. Then they were silent again, watching the bright green slowly fade to a deep red.

“Hikaru?” Pavel asked suddenly, and Sulu looked over. The Russian was looking down at his hands, and Hikaru couldn’t really see but he thought Pavel might be blushing.

“Hm?” he asked, watching Chekov with a small smile.

“Hawe you, um. Been… kissed? Before?” Chekov asked, voice quiet wavering as he kept his head down. He was definitely blushing now. Sulu blinked, glancing back at the horizon while considering how to answer that.

“Er, yeah, when I was fifteen.” Sulu answered awkwardly, picking up a rock from next to his thigh and turning it over in his hands.

“Da?” Pavel’s voice was louder now, more confident, “Who?” Sulu glanced over, slightly perplexed at the honest curiosity in the Russian’s voice.

“This… Boy. In my fencing class. He was a few years older than me, and cooler and prettier. I had such a crush on him.” Hikaru smiled to himself, “One day after class he cornered me and kissed me.” he left out the part about the talking-to he’d received, for some reason he didn’t want Chekov to know he was so fickle. Hikaru glanced over at Pavel and chuckled nervously, unsure of what to make of Chekov’s intent expression.

“It was… Nice?” he asked, eyes very nearly sparkling with interest. It was unnerving.

“Um, yeah. I liked it, at least.” Sulu replied, smile slightly confused. Pavel nodded and turned back to the horizon, frowning thoughtfully, Sulu blinked.

“What about you?” Pavel glanced over when Hikaru asked, “What was your first kiss?” Hikaru smiled lightly to himself, imagining a young(er) Pavel fumbling to kiss some pretty girl(or boy?). Chekov cleared his throat, glancing away.

“Well, I, um… I was four years younger than eweryone else in my grade, so I had no… Fans. And at Starfleet, I spend most of my time studying.” Chekov shrugged with on shoulder, looking away and rubbing his arm nervously.

“Oh.” Hikaru said quietly, looking away too. Pavel had never been kissed. Never been kissed. Something about that knowledge made Sulu’s chest tighten, and he couldn’t keep down fantasies of him being Chekov’s first kiss. He was silent for a while, blushing furiously and repressing urges. He supposed it must have been all the hydrogen, because Sulu couldn’t remember ever feeling to overwhelmed or nervous. Good-nervous. He also blamed the hydrogen for the string of that came out of his mouth next. He cleared his throat and gained the attention of the Russian, meeting his gaze shyly.

“I think a person should have been kissed by seventeen. That is, I mean… Someone as… unique… as, well, you…” Sulu cringed at his choice of words, cursing the atmosphere and the goddamn red sky. When he glanced over at the other boy, Pavel was frowning in confusion. Hikaru cleared his throat again and shifted closer to Chekov, chewing his lip. He felt fifteen again.

“So, well, I think, um. That is…” Sulu gave a frustrated sigh, “Would you mind if I was your first kiss?” he said bluntly, looking up after he’d finished and giving Chekov a hopeful look. Hikaru heard the Russian gasp and watched his eyes go wide, lips parting. After a long moment he swallowed and shook his head slowly, looking like a deer in the headlights. Hikaru’s smile widened and he leaned in, hesitating for a moment to glance from Pavel’s eyes to his lips, to hear the boy’s erratic breathing and feel it puff against his lips. It made his insides warm that Pavel was so nervous over him. He moved slowly and carefully, raising a hand to stroke Chekov’s neck and earning a shaky exhale. At first he just lightly touched their lips together, mouths closed, gradualy pressing harder until he started to pull back. But Pavel actually whined in the back of his throat and Sulu felt it in his fingers. The Russian pushed back, indicating he wanted more than a quick, chaste kiss. Hikaru was pleased to oblige, pressing deeper and opening his mouth. Chekov may have never been kissed before, but true to his reputation, he was a fast learner. Soon his tongue was moving along with Hikaru’s and he was small, appreciative noises.

After a few long minutes they pulled apart, both smiling and panting, hands still on each other as the enjoyed the moment. But then Sulu’s communicator chirped and both boys jumped, jerking away from each other as if they had actually been caught in the act. For a couple seconds they stared at each other, then Sulu shook his head and tried to compose himself before flipping open his comm-link.

“Sulu—here.” he said, voice squeaking at first. He heard Chekov snort beside him and he frowned, refusing to look at the boy or be would start laughing, too.

“Laddies! Good t’ hear y’r voices! Are y’ both safe?” came Scotty’s booming voice, laced with anxiety. Even though Scotty meant going back to the Enterprise, Sulu wasn’t that glad to hear it. This barren hydrogen-planet was starting to look really nice.

“Yes, we’re fine.” Sulu answered as mechanically as he could, unable to keep the waver from his voice.

“Are y’ sure? Y’ don’t sound much like y’rself…” Pavel’s giggled did nothing to calm Hikaru’s nerves.

“We’re fine.” he repeated stonily, “Just—beam us up Scotty.”
Tags: fandom: star trek, pairing: sulu/chekov, rating: pg-13
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